Sam is a talented producer, creator, filmmaker, radio-man, writer and comedian with a very thorough understanding of all the facets that go into the co-ordination of a production. His tireless work on his own projects over the years has not stopped him from volunteering and assisting on countless others in his pursuit of industry knowledge. His passion is matched by his dedication, hard work and perseverance. Sam is kind, fearless, funny, extremely well organised and deeply loyal.  – Judith Lucy

Sam Petersen is an extremely creative and hard-working young man who I would not hesitate to recommend. – Tony Martin

‘Sam was just delightful. So chilled yet professional… made the alumni / recipients very relaxed.’ – Western Chances

I can’t think of anyone in the business that I would trust more than Sam Petersen. Sam’s instinct is precise and has lightning speed. I literally run everything past him creatively and he is a key ingredient to my success. Sam is rock solid, hilarious and I believe truly gifted human being. – Fiona O’Loughlin

He’s my go to guy. – Genevieve Morris