The Producer Boy

Creative Production

Documentary, radio, podcasts, sketch comedy, live plays, interactive shows, writing, design…whatever you need, the Producer Boy has you covered.

Documentary: Lady O’Loughlin.

Radio: Nova Entertainment, Fox FM & Triple R.

Podcasts: Handsome and Gretel (with Gretel Killeen), The Curious Case of Levi Brown (Nova), Rusty Fragment, Confessions Of The Idiots, In the Bath with Bev.

Live: Facty Fact vs. The Audience, Dave Warneke vs. The Entire Audience, Fiona O’Loughlin: My Brilliant Career, Greg Fleet: These Things Happen, Rusty Fragment Live, Creationism.

TV: The Interview Artist, Phrankurtville, About Tonight, Pale Comparison, various commercials.

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